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Review of the new Solo: A Star Wars Story, this is a must see for any Star Wars fan! #HanSoloEvent #HanSolo

****Disney provided an all-expense paid trip for me to cover this great event, all opinions are 100% my own ****

Never tell him the odds. As you probably know, I recently had the chance to walk the red carpet at the premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story. This will be a spoiler-free review of the latest Star Wars movie to hit the big screen. Even if you're not the most Star Wars savvy person in the world, most of you probably know that Harrison Ford was Han Solo in the Star Wars episodes 4, 5, 6, & 7.

This is one of two iconic characters he had the chance to bring to life on the big screen, the other being Indiana Jones. This is a character that is well represented, loved, and revered in the world of science fiction movies. The cocky, brash, quick-witted space smuggler is a well-known character, and in Solo: A Star Wars Story we get to see how the older version of Han we all grew to love was shaped.
Alden Ehrenreich is taking up the mantle as the scruffy looking (much younger) nerf herder. We follow the scoundrel on a series of daring missions across the galaxy, along the way he runs into a large hairy walking carpet that goes by the name Chewbacca (Joonas Suotamo), (he is 190 years old!, not really a spoiler, this fact is in a clip from the movie) he comes face to face with a notorious gambler and original owner of the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover).  Phoebe Waller-Bridge who plays the droid “L3-37”, is a real scene stealer, I have to admit I laughed out loud a few times in her scenes. 
We see Han joining in a band of scoundrels put together by Tobias Beckett (Woody Harrelson), they then run afoul of Dryden Vos (Paul Bettany) and the Crimson Dawn. That's just the tip of this fast-paced and fun action-adventure. This is the Star Wars movie we've been looking for! After the Force Awakens and Last Jedi, this is the exact type of movie we as Star Wars fans needed. Sure the movie is chock full of action, but it's also not as grim and dark as the last 2 movies and just allows you to sit back and enjoy.
I was deeply impressed with Alden Ehrenreich's take on Han Solo, he was very aware of who he was playing, this is a role that spans over 40 years and 4 movies. People will be ready to nitpick everything wrong with how he plays this well-known character. In my humble opinion, he nailed it. He was a young Han Solo, within the first 15 minutes of this movie I was hooked. From top to bottom, from the casting, the writing, the production quality, this is a fun movie. 
It is also a well-paced movie, with Ron Howard(!) directing, and Lawrence Kasdan (Empire Strikes Back & Return of the Jedi) along with his son Jon writing this movie looked amazing on paper, it looks even better on the big screen. I really enjoyed this movie, and as I said before this is the type of Star Wars movie we needed now. Those might not have been the droids we were looking for, but this is the movie we were looking for. 
Solo: A Star Wars Story is hitting theaters this Memorial Day weekend, May 25th, 2018. I will have a bunch of great interviews with the cast of Solo: A Star Wars Story to share with you soon, including exclusive chats with: Alden Ehrenreich “Han Solo”, Emilia Clarke “Qi’ra”, Woody Harrelson “Tobias Beckett”, Paul Bettany “Dryden Vos”, Joonas Suotamo “Chewbacca”, Phoebe Waller-Bridge “L3-37”, and Director Ron Howard be sure to stay tuned!

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