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Holiday Gift Guide: Decadence Cheesecake - Review

 Guest Post: My wonderful Husband.

Sometimes name of products can be misleading, the name of the product doesn’t always match the quality of the product. So when you call yourself Decadence Gourmet Cheesecakes ( you better deliver! And deliver they did!

Lee Mathis, the baker of the worlds greatest cheesecake, is a local guy originally from the Jersey shore.

I love cheesecake. I love eating them, baking them and talking about them. I’ve been afforded the pleasure of trying several decadent cheesecakes from the aptly named Decadence Cheesecakes. These tiny little masterpieces are amazing, they are delicious and yes they truly are decadent. And the best thing is they’re just large enough to enjoy and not feel guilty about eating too much, they are the perfect size.  They come packed in a little mason jar which is a really neat package option, it’s clever and unique and if given to someone as a gift looks good.

I was able to try 6 flavors: Outer Banks (chocolate & peanut butter,) key lime, the Savannah, chocolate chai, habanero key lime and a savory appetizer in a jar named el diablo. Wow….they really pack a ton of flavor into those jars, they flavors of all of the cheesecakes are easy to identify, they just pop, after your first bite you can instantly identify what you’re eating.

 Look, at the crust, just the right amount of cheesecake and crust.

I’ll begin with the savory el diablo spread, we spread it on naan bread and baked it for a few minutes in the oven and it was all kinds of ridiculous. It was that good, it was a combination of peppers including the famed ghost pepper the hottest pepper known to man…..ooooooh. It was hot, not as hot as you might think, it had just enough kick. The problem with hot items is that usually the hot part is so overbearing that it has no taste other than hot, this spread was not like that, it was hot but it was bursting with flavor and it was wicked.

 I spread the el diablo  on naan bread, served it as an appetizer, it was quite delicious.

Moving to the sweet now the key lime both regular and habanero were just tart enough, it had the right balance of tart and sweet and the habanero key lime was wicked! It was just hot enough, you didn’t get the heat at first you first taste the tart of the lime and right at the end BOOM! You get the kick of the habanero, but don’t be afraid it’s not that bad, yes it is hot but it’s not crippling it really lends itself to being paired with key lime.

 Close up of the Habenero Key Lime Cheesecake.
 The Key Lime cheesecake (my daughters other favorite)

Want a Reese’s in a jar? Go for the Outer Banks, trust me it doesn’t disappoint. Reese's in a jar, creamy chocolate and peanut butter? This is a must have!

Chocolate chai was a hit with my daughter, she allowed me to have a small spoonful, she is so benevolent. In that spoonful I could taste a rich chocolate and a great chai flavor underneath it, the spice of the chai was a nice compliment with the rich chocolate.

Close Up of the Chocolate Chai

 More chocolate Chai.

Last but not least was the Savannah. Sweet sassy molassy! I’m at a loss of words really. This is the Frankenstein’s monster of a cheesecake; it’s a cheesecake that was bred with a pecan pie. It really is something everyone should experience, I’m not kidding, go buy one, and while you’re at it buy me another because mine is all gone.

 Close up of the Savannah cheesecake.

All in all I must say I was thoroughly impressed with Decadence Gourmet Cheesecakes. Right off the bat looking at how they were packed I knew I was in for something good. Looks can be deceiving but not this time they tasted as good as they looked. Kudos on baking what is possibly the best cheesecakes in the known universe.

 Decadence Cheesecake is a great holiday gift idea, it will be a hit. I am sure everyone will love it!

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