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A sit down with Woody Harrelson “Tobias Beckett” from Solo: A Star Wars Story! In theaters today! #HanSoloEvent #HanSolo

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Recently I was very fortunate to be able to join in on an interview with Woody Harrelson, the Emmy Award winning, and Academy Award nominated actor who is best known for his movie roles in White Men Can't Jump, Natural Born Killers, The People vs. Larry Flynt and many more. Now Woody Harrelson is entering the Star Wars universe as Tobias Beckett, in Solo: A Star Wars Story and we were ready to chat with him about it. What drew him to the part? What was it like working with Alden? If he could be any character from the original Star Wars Trilogy, who would it be? Read on to find out more!
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Q:    When you play a variety of roles both on TV, Film, what specifically made you interested in this character for Solo.

Woody Harrelson: What drew me to the part?  I was in London and I was shooting, I did this movie "Lost in London" which I wrote and directed and I did that just before.  I was gonna go home and then they were like well, we want you to meet these guys Phil and Chris about doing this Solo…so I was like, OK, well you know, I was planning on going home but sure, let's meet.  We'll talk...
Because I felt like my family was tired of being told I'm definitely done after this and then … so I was scared.  Then I met them, great guys and then I did decide not to do it ironically.  Same with "Hunger Games."  Same thing happened and the same Producer Ali Schermer who's an incredible lady who would not take No for an answer the first time and luckily, she didn't take No the second time. And the No wasn't so much about being involved with this as just like I really did kind of say I was gonna take time off, which I am doing now, right after we finish the Press on this.  I'm gonna take the rest of the year off.

Q:    What is it about this character that sets it apart from any other character you've portrayed? 

WH:    I wouldn't say that far distant.  I have played other scoundrels and thieves and criminals before so but none in Space.  

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Q:    How would you describe your character?

WH:  I think in some ways, he's complicated in the sense that he doesn't always, he's not always as chummy as he could be but I'd say he's a survivor who really also does have this image of life, wanting to be done with this life of criminality and ultimately, just be playing the valachord, living on a remote Planet somewhere.

Q:    Do you remember the first time you saw Star Wars?   

WH:  Yeah, I remember it because you probably won't believe this but I was alive in 1977 and you know, there was a huge thing at the time everybody was all about Star Wars.  It became a sensation. I just remember going to see it and it's so original, so different from anything else and all of it great.  I think Harrison was a good pop for a lot of people.

Q:    We loved that you're such a tough love mentor in your role.  In real life, who has been that kind of tough love kind of mentor that you had, that's giving you advice?

WH:    I feel like to some degree, Jack Nicholson.   He lives not far from where I have a place here in LA, and it's not far from Jack's and I would go over quite a bit to his place and sit and reason, and talk story, and he's given a lot of cool advice. 
Q: How did you like working with Alden?

WH:    Love Alden, love him, awesome, awesome guy.  Really hard worker.  I mean, very hard worker. We'd all have our little cubicles and then he was next to me and he'd be in there like taking piano lessons.  He'd be in there reading novels.  He'd be, I'm over there playing Speed Chess online.  Like what the hell, he just lost his plane.  I really admire his work ethic and I think just the way he cultivates himself as a human, he's an extraordinary guy.  He's not just like a silly dopey party animal like some actors coming up or like I was coming up. 
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 Q:    Did you give him any advice to (Alden)?

WH:    I like to think, kind of like with my kids.  I think I'm a great example of what not to do.  Great example.  So I think I've done well as that kind of model for him.
Q:    Are there any ways you are like your character Tobias Beckett?

WH:    Becket?  I don't think I'm that... he's a bit of a hardass, and he's kind of tough on Han.  And I think it's probably good if you're gonna want to try to make someone into a very street smart Survivor in that Universe, maybe that's how he had to be.  But I wouldn't be like that.  I mean, I'm like the most, I can’t even discipline my own child.  I don't know how to do it because I always say to myself, well I would do that.  So how can I be telling her so anyway…?

Q:    If you could be any character from the original Star Wars Trilogy, who would it have been?

WH:    I would want to be Solo, man!  It was written really well obviously.  Lucas created these great characters but I guess what Harrison brought to it and now what Alden is bringing to it is making that character just so special, so fun, and funny. 
When Woody Harrelson entered the room he was so very happy to be there, “Wow this is so cool”, he said… So down to earth. Yes, Woody, it was so cool for us too.  Come on this was Woody Boyd, we were talking to. Growing up and being such a Cheers fan this was pretty impressive to me. Cheers was a show that my family watched every night, during prime time or in re-runs we were there together as a family enjoying the show. Now that my family is a bit smaller, and we have lost loved ones it still makes me smile when I think back to those days when we enjoyed the show… and being able to meet one of our favorite characters, this was something that was very special to me.  Woody was terrific as Tobias Beckett, but don’t take my word for it, be sure to take the family to see Solo: A Star Wars Story in theaters today. 
Solo: A Star Wars Story is in theaters now! Be sure to go and see it with the family. Check out the great interviews with the cast of Solo: A Star Wars Story, exclusive chats with: Alden Ehrenreich “Han Solo”, Emilia Clarke “Qi’ra”, Woody Harrelson “Tobias Beckett”, Paul Bettany “Dryden Vos”, Joonas Suotamo “Chewbacca”, Phoebe Waller-Bridge “L3-37”, and Director Ron Howard.

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